Before Sunset

An incredibly talented singer who captivates audiences with his soulful voice and magnetic stage presence.


Event Highlights:

  • Golden Hour Ambiance: As the sun begins its descent, the venue transforms into a breathtaking canvas of warm hues. Guests are welcomed into a world where every corner radiates with the ethereal beauty of a sunset.
  • Live Acoustic Serenade: Settle into the enchanting melodies performed by a skilled acoustic ensemble. Their soothing tunes create an atmosphere that's both intimate and soul-stirring, resonating with the tranquility of the fading sun.
  • Artisanal Cocktails: Sip on handcrafted cocktails that mirror the colors of the setting sun. Mixologists infuse the essence of citrus, berries, and aromatic herbs into each drink, inviting you to savor every sip like a cherished moment.
  • Gourmet Sunset Feast: Indulge in a curated menu inspired by the hues and flavors of sunset. Each dish is a masterpiece that delights the palate, crafted from the freshest ingredients and presented as a culinary work of art.
  • Interactive Art Stations: Immerse yourself in the creative process with interactive art stations. Capture the hues of twilight on canvas, create personalized poetry, or craft a symbolic keepsake that mirrors the fleeting beauty of sunsets.
  • Stargazing Soiree: As dusk deepens, the event transitions to a stargazing soiree. Relax under a canopy of stars, where telescopes offer glimpses into the cosmos, and celestial guides share the tales of constellations.
  • Firefly Elegance: To cap off the evening, witness the enchantment of fireflies. These gentle creatures illuminate the event space, dancing like stars on earth and adding a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere.
  • Eternal Flame Keepsakes: As a memento of the evening, each guest receives an "Eternal Flame" keepsake – a delicate glass orb that captures the essence of a sunset. This luminous treasure serves as a reminder to cherish fleeting moments and the beauty they hold.


Marcel Williams


August 16, 2023
August 21, 2023
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